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Age Defiance is our natural Anti-Aging products line. Research has shown that skin renewal occurs via the formation of healthier, fuller cells.  As you age, your newly generated skin cells are already deformed and damaged.

Eco-lina uses unique proprietary technology for the production and application of vegetative ceramides.  They are neutral lipoid molecules which restore the protective skin surcoat, the upper barrier layer of the skin.  As a result of the action of those molecules, the epidermis becomes more elastic, skin loses less moisture and is less susceptible to environmental damage.  The main result is that skin better resists the formation of small wrinkles, which are the primary source of concern and worries for women. We committed over 20 years of research and experiments to developing products on the basis of vegetative ceramides.  Now these products make us proud and bring joy to our numerous customers.

Our anti-aging products containing a unique Vitamin A (retinol) formula.  Many women suffer from excessive skin dryness or exfoliation. Our products stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis and even improve its structure!  Consequently, the skin regains its original elasticity and loses its wrinkles.  In addition, natural anti-oxidants protect the skin for a long time; the skin itself keeps its moisture and becomes velvety. New skin cells stimulated by the use of Vitamin A look more like the young and healthy cells of a young person’s skin.  The use of Vitamin A stimulates collagen production.  Accelerated skin renewal due to Vitamin A is especially useful for acne treatment (inflammation of oil glands). The exfoliation process cleans the pores and helps to heal traces of acne.  In addition, retinoids gathering in the oil glands stop the inflammatory process and thus treat acne.

Our anti-aging skin care products are also effective in restoring cell structure in case of cracked skin, dermatitis, burns and other lesions.  We have been perfecting the Provitamin 5 (D-panthenol) formula for many years.  It accelerates regeneration processes, moisturizes the skin and restores its damaged parts. It improves tissue hydration and tissue regeneration. D-panthenol penetrates deeply and ties up water in the upper layer of the skin, making dry skin softer and more elastic.  It has anti-inflammatory effects and soothes irritated skin.  

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anti aging facial wash
Age Defiance Natural Correcting Foaming Cleanser for skin rejuvenation.5.2 OZ (150g)
Our Price: $8.99

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The active components of this silky foam gently cleanses the skin while maintaining its elasticity, helping to slow the aging process. Retinol, the purest form of vitamin A, smoothes wrinkles, making skin look sleek and radiant, vegetative ceramides activate the cell renewal processes, while squalene makes up for the shortage of natural lipids and enhances the skin's barrier properties. Your skin becomes smoother, firmer, recovering its strength and shine.

Age Defiance natural night anti-aging face cream
Age Defiance Natural Night Face Cream 1.7 OZ (50G)
Our Price: $19.99

INTENSIVE REJUVENATION.  Night anti-wrinkles phytocream for the face with retinol and vegetative ceramides.

This night phytocream rich in active natural ingredients fights wrinkles and regenerates your skin while you sleep.  Retinol, thanks to its ability to penetrate deep skin layers, smoothes wrinkles, stimulates cell renewal and improves elasticity.  This lifting complex, based on natural plant extracts (geranium, hamamelis and boswellia (incense tree)) has lifting effects, improves elasticity, moisturizes, helps skin regeneration.  Balm extract is an excellent toning agent, while green tea extract makes the skin smoother, shiny and younger-looking.

Age Defiance anti aging wrinkle face cream
Age Defiance Natural Day Cream 1.7 OZ (50G)
Our Price: $19.99

INTENSIVE REJUVENATION.  Day anti-wrinkle phytocream with retinol and vegetative ceramides for the face.
This efficient phytocream rich in natural plant extracts slows down early formation of wrinkles and smoothes the existing ones.  This lifting complex based on only the natural ingredients (geranium, hamamelis and boswellia (incense tree) extracts and Vitamin A) improves skin elasticity, lifts and smoothes wrinkles.  Allantoin softens the skin and helps its regeneration; hibiscus and rose extracts tone, rejuvenate and moisturize it.  This cream protects the skin from adverse effects of the environment and provides much needed moisture all day long.
Anti aging set
Skin Rejuvination Set
Our Price: $59.99

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It takes complex care to achieve the best skin care results. ECO-lina Skin Rejuvenation Set combines products that will help clean, restore and provide necessary nutrients for skin rejuvenation.  

The Skin Rejuvenation Gift Set includes these 4 items:

Rejuvenating Age Defiance Natural Correcting Foaming Cleanser
Age Defiance Natural Day Face Cream with retinol, Vitamin A, vegetative ceramides and plant extracts
Age Defiance Natural Night Face Cream
with retinol, balm extract, geranium, hamamelis and boswella
Nourishing Pome Natural Restorative and Rejuvenating Emulsion Mask with ginkgo biloba extract for revitalization and rejuvenation of face, neck and chest.