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Fito Beauty is Eco-lina’s natural hair products line. Natural product experts acclaim that best shampoo and best conditioner products are made naturally at home. No need to search for homemade shampoo recipes to make natural shampoo. Eco-lina’s Fito Beauty hair products for natural hair offer homemade natural shampoo and conditioner effect without the mess!
Our European research and development team has been working on a unique plant compound combining vegetative active ingredients and proprietary bio-technology to develop a revolutionary hair and scalp skin nutrition complex. This nutrition complex creates a protective film which has long-term moisturizing effects.  It improves hair manageability, penetrates hair follicles and hair strands.  It reduces the formation of damaged hair.  It makes hair thicker.  It makes hair shinier. It soothes scalp itch and treats hair infection and hair irritation.  It improves dry hair, thin hair and sensitive scalp skin, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Try it and you will see how truly healthy and beautiful your hair can be!  


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Fito Beauty Natural herbal Shampoo with 11 herbs and tea tree oil
Fito Beauty Natural Shampoo 14.1 OZ (400g)
Our Price: $8.99

This tea tree shampoo combines medicinal herbs and tea tree oil specially formulated to strengthen hair shafts, restore upper skin layer cells and stimulate hair growth.  Aloe, chamomile flower and linden flower extracts have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, moisturize and nourish the scalp and the hair; calamus, cornflower and St. John’s wort extracts have toning and bio-stimulating effects, while birch bud/leaf, nettle, burdock, hops and buckthorn extracts strengthen hair roots, improve hair structure, prevent hair loss and normalize oil gland function.  Plant extracts actively nourish hair bulbs and protect hair from moisture loss.  Tea tree shampoo formula results in Improved micro-circulation of blood in the scalp, stimulated by the shampoo’s active ingredients, also helps strengthen hair structure.
Fito Beauty Natural tea tree leave-in conditioner
Fito Beauty Natural Conditioner 14.1 OZ (400g)
Our Price: $8.99

The use of this shampoo in combination with the conditioner not only ensures more efficient care, but also gives the hair a healthy shine and improves hair combing and styling.