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Green tea extract–Activates blood circulation and cell oxygenation, decreases vessel permeability, making them less fragile.  Serves as an efficient tool to fight early aging and inflammatory processes.

Green tea extract is among the best antioxidants due to high concentration of polyphenols, which are much stronger anti-aging and free radicals protectors than vitamins C and E. Besides, green tea extract also has anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-radiation protective properties. Green tea extract has unique components for skin protection against aggressive chemicals, excessive sun radiation, bad habits (such as smoking), and natural aging. Green tea extract cleans pores and moisturizes skin, strengthens natural protection of the whole body.


Green tea extract

As a component of anti-aging creams and gels, green tea extract helps decreasing subcutaneous fat on facial cheeks and on the neck thanks to high caffeine – one of the best natural fat reducers. Green tea extract also stimulates skin vessels constriction that abates flushing of problem skin, especially after sun-burning. Among others, this extract also proved itself as a powerful UV-protector as it clears destroyed cells, which are potential pools of carcinoma. and nourishes healthy ones.

Green tea extract is a unique source of proanthocyanidins, which stabilize collagen and thus, provide skin elasticity. Besides, these compounds help the human organism produce histamine – and thus, prevent from allergic responses.

This traditional component of natural cosmetics is also an anti-microbial and anti-fungus protector.

Green tea extract is contained in the following ECO-lina products:

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Age Defiance natural night anti-aging face cream
Age Defiance Natural Night Face Cream 1.7 OZ (50G)
Our Price: $19.99

INTENSIVE REJUVENATION.  Night anti-wrinkles phytocream for the face with retinol and vegetative ceramides.

This night phytocream rich in active natural ingredients fights wrinkles and regenerates your skin while you sleep.  Retinol, thanks to its ability to penetrate deep skin layers, smoothes wrinkles, stimulates cell renewal and improves elasticity.  This lifting complex, based on natural plant extracts (geranium, hamamelis and boswellia (incense tree)) has lifting effects, improves elasticity, moisturizes, helps skin regeneration.  Balm extract is an excellent toning agent, while green tea extract makes the skin smoother, shiny and younger-looking.