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Your hands are the most exposed parts of the body.  They incur daily punishment from the sun, changing weather, chlorinated water and contact with various objects. Severely dry skin, damaged and cracked skin are often a result of exposure to the elements plus malnutrition and loss of hydration. When it comes to the treatment of dry or damaged hands it is important to hydrate and nourish the skin cells but it is also important to restore your skin’s barrier layer to protect it from future damage; although, nothing could be better than proactive hand and nail nutrition and protection. 
Don’t get stuck using a regular hand moisturizer on your hands. Best natural hand cream preparations traditionally contain plant derived ingredients with enhanced healing and nutritional properties. Use a natural hand cream packed with the healing power of vegetative components that work to renew skin and protect skin from future damage while providing nutrition for your nails. Finger nail nutrition is essential for healthy, natural looking and strong nails.
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Ariness natural hand cream with extract of lily and Karite butter provides continuous nourishment and protection for the skin over a prolonged relieve irritation and reduce skin roughness over a long period of time. Effective skin nutrition and protection
Ariness Natural Nourishing Balm 4.9 OZ (140g)
Our Price: $8.99

Nourishing balm cream for hands and nails.  With shea butter, D-Panthenol and white lily extract.  Nourishment and protection.
This cream with gentle, melting structure and fresh lily aroma ensures not only comfortable application, but also constant skin nourishment and protection for a long period of time.  The cream’s action is based on highly active natural ingredients.